Royal Romances

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Tangled Up in Princes

Tangled Up in Princes: Royal Romances, Book One

What could be more romantic than a wedding in a Scottish castle? 

For Carrie MacCallum, sister of the bride, the answer is finding herself pressed against an impossibly handsome man in a curtained alcove inside said castle. His slow burn smile is enough to have Carrie thinking of more than moonlit walks beneath a canopy of stars. She’s thinking about a fling. Or she would be, if she were the type of woman who thought about flings, which she most certainly waas not. She was a knitting shop owner from Kentucky. She was not at all the kind of woman who would have a fling.

Was she?

Edward, Duke of Lancashire and second son of Great Britain’s reigning king, was hiding in an alcove. He was used to being discovered by the paparazzi, but being discovered by very possibly the only woman in the world who didn’t recognize him as a member of the British royal family was a new experience for him. And a tempting one. When was the last time he’d gone out with a woman and not wondered if it was the idea of becoming a princess she fancied instead of him?

In their chance encounter, Carrie and Edward find in each other their heart’s desire, but when Carrie’s sister —the bride, and Edward’s brother, the Prince of Wales — not the groom, are discovered in a compromising position,, it’s up to Carrie and Edward to save their siblings, their families’ reputations, and the British monarchy from an international scandal.

Tangled Up In Princes is the first book in Royal Romances, a new, smart and sassy romantic comedy series that will delight fans of “The Princess Diaries” and “The Royal We.” If you just can’t get enough of the real royals, then Royal Romances is for you. Molly Jameson’s contemporary romance series features an alternate British monarchy with seven princes and princesses of marriageable age, all of whom will get their shot at the fairytale happy ever after.

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The Princess Deception

The Princess Deception: Royal Romances, Book Two

Lizzy, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom, has always been … bold.

Her antics keep her in the news, but she’s trying to turn over a new leaf in the form of a good deed by helping out an old friend, a friend who just so happens to be the object of her girlhood crush.

Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

Phillip Rhys-Cooper, perennial good guy and respected environmentalist, is running for Parliament in the by-election. He can help the country out a bit and get over his mope after being jilted at the altar.

Surely throwing in his lot with gorgeous, impulsive Lizzy’s scheme is a brilliant idea, right?

To boost attention for his campaign, Lizzy and Phillip fake a love affair. It’s a bit of fun — as all of Lizzy’s mistakes are, but it gets complicated when she sees him shirtless at the tattoo parlor. Things only get worse after that as Lizzy’s teenage crush on Phillip rockets back at full force. As if all that sexual tension weren’t enough to take a girl’s breath away, next Lizzy brings down a scandal on herself and her royal family, a scandal that could put a man like Phillip far out of her reach.

The Princess Deception continues the romantic adventures of the Royal Romance series, following the eldest daughter of the king and queen’s seven children. The Princess Deception delivers the sassy wit and all the steamy romance that fans of the series have come to expect of Molly Jameson.

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The Daredevil Prince

The Daredevil Prince: Royal Romances, Book Three

A Rakish Prince

Prince Leopold, fourth in line for the throne of England, has earned his bad reputation. He loves the thrill of being a daredevil search and rescue pilot every bit as much as he loves being the center of attention—female attention, that is. Charming and naughty, Leo has left a string of broken hearts that is about to catch up to him…

A Spunky American 

Evie Bartlett runs a tea shop and bakery in Bath, England and is desperate to boost her flagging business. So, hoping to attract a younger set of customers, she holds a speed dating tea party at her shop. Which is going very badly until a prince walks in…

Sparks Fly

Leo never expected to be attracted to a woman like Evie, mouthy, awkward, and passionate. He thinks she’s just not his type—until a scandal breaks. His ex has overdosed and the press say he’s to blame. Evie offers him a place to hide…and more!

Leo and Evie’s sexy story is a roller coaster ride of witty banter, steamy hook-ups, and a hint of danger.

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Prince in Disguise

Prince in Disguise: Royal Romances, Book Four

Jamie can’t help that he is charming and reckless, that he lives for the moment.

He also can’t help that he is James Victor Albert, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Jamie’s devil-may-care attitude and his destiny as a future monarch often come into conflict, but his father’s cancer is forcing Jamie to face the future that has been laid out for him since his birth, a future that his parents hope will include Astrid, the Crown Princess of Sweden, a perfectly proper, uptight royal who couldn’t be more different from Jamie.

When Jamie is caught at a posh London party where drugs are discovered, he decides to leave the London limelight. The south of France seems just the place to hide out, contemplate his future, and most of all, avoid Astrid!

As the only child of the king of Sweden, Astrid knows she’ll have to marry, and marry soon. 

She also knows she will not, under any circumstance, marry Jamie! One need only glance at the gossip rags to know that Jamie is nothing more than a self indulgent playboy. Yet her mother persists in forcing the match on Astrid. She has to get away. How fortunate that she has an old friend from school in Provence.

Her friend, intent on helping Astrid find a man, transforms the serious, dutiful princess into a flirtatious, care-free Frenchwoman. Freed from the constraints of royalty, Astrid is drawn to a handsome, alluring stranger with secrets of his own. Meeting in shadows and under cover of darkness, disguised in appearance and demeanor, the pair enjoys a romance that could only blossom in the lush, fertile beauty of Provence. Until a tragedy forces Astrid to relinquish her persona and take up once more the mantle of monarchy.

When a terrorist attack shakes her native Stockholm, Astrid will need help getting back to Sweden. Fortunately, that help has been beside her this entire time. The man she’s always hated is suddenly the person she relies on, a capable prince whose strength both comforts and seduces her.

Is the real Jamie the bad boy she’d always thought him to be or the irresistible stranger she’s come to know in Provence?

With danger and international plots swirling around them, will Astrid give Jamie the chance to prove he can be the kind of man she wants both at her side and in her bed?

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The Princess ScandalA Princess Scandal: Royal Romances, Book Five

Still Waters Run…Wild?

Beatrice is fifth in line for the English throne, modest and dutiful. She is everything a proper princess should be, apart from that one little secret…that tiny little internationally famous feminist blog she writes under a fake name. She takes a job at a university in Madrid and gets a taste of freedom. She also meets Javier, a seductive Spaniard launching a feminist news site.

Tapas and Temptation

Javier Vicarios has sunk every penny he has into the launch of Feminista. When sparks fly with Princess Beatrice during a university training, he asks her to write for Feminista, enthralled by her fiery opinions. She refuses, but recommends her ‘friend’, popular blogger Lavinia Hayhurst. Javier takes Bea sightseeing in beautiful Madrid and they succumb to their mutual attraction.

The Truth Will Trap You Every Time

At the same time, Javier and Lavinia are flirting on Messenger and Beatrice doesn’t know what to do—tell Javier that Lavinia is really her alter ego or continue to deceive him as long as she can? Either way, she risks losing the man she’s fallen for. When the media finds out about Javier, they splash his sketchy past all over the papers and plunge the proper princess into the scandal of her nightmares. Will the media frenzy also tear them apart forever?

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The Rebel PrinceThe Rebel Prince: Royal Romances, Book Six

Can a scandalous American bring a traumatized prince back to life or will she only break what’s left of his heart?

Alistair gave up the life of a royal to be a relief worker in Paraguay. Reeling from the aftermath of a raid at the camp, he’s summoned to his father’s bedside in London. Shaken and overwhelmed, Alistair runs in to Amanda, the social climbing sister-in-law his family hates. He can’t leave her alone because she’s the only person who accepts the man he is now. She’s never met a bad boy she didn’t seduce, but now a good man has stolen her heart. Soon they’re sneaking around, dodging photographers, and his family forbids him to see her.

Will Alistair buckle under the expectations of his critically ill father or does this rebellious prince have enough fight left in him to follow his heart?

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