Scottish Brotherhood


BOOK1Light my Fire: Scottish Brotherhood, Book One

I moved to Scotland to start a new life after the wildfires. Everyone told me to go to his castle to see if he’d sell me lavender from the gardens for my shop. I didn’t count on finding the man of my filthiest Outlander dreams.

Teddy runs a plant nursery from his ancient family castle. He’s intense and passionate and hot. Dark curly hair, broad shoulders, and that accent! I need his help to keep my shop from going under. I need him to teach me how to live again, how to move on from the past. I could use a little healing—sexual and otherwise.

There are just a few little problems:
His friend-with-benefits wants more from him.
My toxic Ex finds me.
Teddy’s castle is falling apart.

Our joint project takes off—my shop and his garden will be saved, proof of how great we are together. Until a fire breaks out, testing his loyalty, testing my ability to forgive. I never thought he’d break my heart. I can’t trust him. But I love him more than anything. Do I let him convince me to stay? How can I survive if I let him go?


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